Schedule of Service Charges

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Basic Banking Services

  • ATM Card
  • Credit Card
  • USD Prepaid Travel Card
  • SMS (Mobile) Banking
  • Internet Banking (iBank) Services
  • Email Alerts
  • Mobile Money
  • Mobile Khata
  • HBL/BOK Fund Transfer Services
  • Share Registrar Services
  • Courier Recovery
  • Postage Recovery
  • Market Maker
  • Home Banking Service
  • Safe Deposit Locker
  • Trade Operations
  • Loan Administration
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1.1 Account Services

1.1.1Stop payment of chequeNil
1.1.2Cheque book destruction feeNPR 750.00
1.1.3Account Closure Within Six monthsNil
1.1.4ABBS Charge above NPR 200K
Deposited into account
other than domicile branch.
1.1.5ABBS Charge above NPR 200K
Withdrawal from account
other than domicile branch.
1.1.6Standing Instruction at customer requestNPR 450.00 per instruction
1.1.7Failure to execute Standing Instruction (placed at customer request) due to insufficient balance.NPR 250.00 per SI failure
1.1.8Lien marked in favor of third party(when requested by customer)NPR 600.00
1.1.9Issuance of Balance CertificateNil
1.1.10Certification of Account Operation to MEX clientsNPR 450.00 per certificate
1.1.11Request for Account Statement
  • Nil
  • NPR 50.00 per each month for repeat request
1.1.12Request to issue Customer Advice
After 1year
After 2 Years
NPR 500.00 per advice
NPR 1000.00 per advice
1.1.13Cheque Certified “Good For Payment”Nil
1.1.14Cancellation of Cheque certified “Good For Payment”NPR 600.00
1.1.15Issuance of Advance Payment CertificateNPR 700.00
NPR 700.00 duplicate
1.1.16Issuance of NRB cheque at the request of customerNPR 600.00
1.1.17Cancellation of NRB cheque issued (at the request of customer)NPR 300.00
1.1.18Duplicate issuance of FD receiptNPR 500.00 per receipt
1.1.19Issuance of Draft

0.2% or minimum NPR 500.00 for all currency drafts
Swift Charge of NPR 1000/-

Additional Charges:

  • USD 5.00 (other bank charge) for USD DD issued through SCB
  • GBP 25 (other bank charge) for GBP DD issued through SCB
  • EUR 40 (other bank charge) for EUR DD issued through SCB
  • NPR 350 as communication charge for DD amounting INR 100K and above
  • NPR 320 (INR 200.00) for DD service charge for ICICI Bank’s DD only)
1.1.20Cancellation of Draft

NPR 600.00

Additional Charges:

  • Other Bank’s charge, if any (Actual charged by Correspondence Bank)
  • SWIFT Charge of NPR 1,000
1.1.21Issuance of Managers Cheque at customer’s request0.1% or minimum NPR 1000.00
upto a maximum of NPR 1500.00
1.1.22Cancellation of Manager’s ChequeNPR 500.00
1.1.23Blacklisting /Delisting
(Loan default/Cheque Bounce )
  • NPR 2,000.00 per listing & de-listing of the
    borrower with loan facility/ Cheque bounce
    amount below 10 million.
  • NPR 3,000.00 per listing & de-listing of the
    borrower with loan facility/Cheque bounce
    amount equal/above 10 million

(Actual as per prevailing CIB charges)

1.1.24Request for cheque book of
account maintained at other branch.
1.1.25Cheque book request without original
requisition slip
NPR 200.00
1.1.26Cash withdrawal against Counter ChequeNPR 300.00
1.1.27C-ASBA Application ChargeNPR 5.00 per application
1.1.28Account Confirmation Certificate
(Except Balance)
NPR 499.00
1.1.29Redemption of Fixed Deposit (FD) before maturity

Up to 60 days of FD Opening: No interest/No penalty. (TDS to be borne by Bank)

61 days & above of FD opening 60:40. Only 60% of total interest (paid and accrued) to be provided to the customer and 40% of total interest to be recovered

1.2 Payment Services

1.2.1Outward Wire Transfer, other than India (BEN)0.2% or minimum NPR 1000.00
Additional Charges:
SWIFT charge of NPR 1,000.00
1.2.2Outward Wire Transfer – India (BEN)0.2% or minimum NPR 1000.00
Additional Charges:
SWIFT charge NPR 1,000.00
Other bank ‘s charges ( Actual basis) in case of other bank’s charges “OUR”
1.2.3Wire transfer – India through National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT)0.2% or minimum NPR 1000.00
Additional Charges:
– SWIFT charge NPR 1,000.00
– NPR 500.00 flat (NEFT Charge)
1.2.4Outward Wire Transfer (OUR)Through SCB
– Sent in GBP: GBP 20.00
– Sent in EURO: EUR 20.00
– Sent in JPY: JPY 5,000.00
– Sent in USD: USD 15.00
– Sent in AUD: AUD 25 (Per Payment SBI Sydney)

Through ICICI Hongkong
– USD 0 to 200.00: Nil
– USD 200.01 and above: USD 25
1.2.5Wire Transfer (Swift) locally through NRBUpto NPR 5 mio : NPR 500.00 plus SWIFT charge NPR 1000/-
Above NPR 5 mio : NPR 1000.00 plus SWIFT charge NPR 1000/-
1.2.6Refund of inward wire transfer – FCY
Refund of inward wire transfer – INR
USD 25.00 plus NPR 1000.00 SWIFT charge.
INR 500.00 plus NPR 1000.00 SWIFT charge.
1.2.7Other Bank Charges (Inward remittance received in USD)USD 5.00
1.2.8Cheque sent on collection ( INR)
Cheque sent on collection ( FCY)
– 0.1% on face value or minimum NPR 1000 plus
postage charge, whichever is higher.
– 0.1% on face value minimum USD 10/- or
equivalent plus postage charge, whichever is
1.2.9Cheque sent on collection returned unpaidNPR 700.00 plus postage
1.2.10Cheque returned over the counter / Inward ECC due to insufficient fund.NPR 700.00
1.2.11ECC Outward presentment fee
LCY Cheques
  • LCY Cheques
  • Up to NPR 200K – Nil
  • Above NPR 200K – NPR 15.00
  • (Actual as per prevailing NCHL charges)
  • FCY Cheques
  • NPR 15.00 per cheque (any FCY amount)
  • (Actual as per prevailing NCHL charges)

Note: ECC / transfer fee for transactions initiated
by Government Institutions i.e.,, village
Developments etc. is Nil

1.2.12ECC charges – Outward Cheques presented through high-value/express clearing sessionNPR 100.00 per cheque
(Actual as per prevailing NCHL charges)
1.2.13NCHL IPS Charges LCY
(Including Inter Bank Deposit )
  • Up to NPR 500 – NPR 2.00
  • Above NPR 500 to NPR 50K – NPR 5.00
  • Above 50K – NPR 10.00
  • NPR 10.00 (Any FCY Amount)

(As per prevailing NCHL charges)
Note: Nil charges for Dividend refund payment
for transactions amount up to NPR 100.00

1.2.14NCHL Connect IPS Charges
(Including Inter Bank Deposit )
  • Up to NPR 500 – NPR 2.00
  • Above NPR 500 to NPR 5K – NPR 4.00
  • Above NPR 5K – NPR 8.00

(As per prevailing NCHL charges)

1.2.15INR Cash Management feeNPR 100.00 per transaction
1.2.16Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)Morning Session (10:30 AM – 1:30 PM)- NPR 10.00
Afternoon Session (1:31 PM – 3:00 PM)- NPR 20.00

2. Debit Card

2.1VISA Card one-time Fee (during issuance) Same applies for replacement of lost / damaged card/RenewalUpfront – NPR 1,499/5 years or Installment – NPR 399 p.a
2.2Destruction of uncollected cardNPR 750
2.3Regeneration of PINNPR 200
2.4Destruction of Uncollected Re-pinNPR 100
2.5Cash withdrawal in Visa Network in IndiaNPR 350.00 plus other bank’s charges
2.6Cash withdrawal in Visa Network in Nepal (US on them, i.e., Other Banks’ ATM)NPR 15.00 per transaction
2.7Balance enquiry in VISA network in India/NepalNPR 15
2.8Linking new account to Debit CardNPR 100.00
2.9E-Commerce enrollment feeNil
2.10E-Commerce Annual FeeNPR 100.00
2.11Card un-block feeNPR 350
2.12Card less Cash (Express Money)/ RemitNil
2.13ATM Access Fee Them on Us (Foreign Cards at LxBL ATM) Visa/MasterCardNPR 600
2.14Green Pin (Debit Card)Nil
3.1Joining fee (One-time)NPR 500 per card (one time)
3.2Annual FeeNPR 1000 per card
3.3Supplementary card feeNPR 1000 per card per year
3.4Card Reissuance / Replacement feeNPR 1000 per card
3.5Temporary limit enhancement feeNPR 749 per card
3.6Permanent limit enhancement feeNPR 749 per card
3.7E-Commerce 3D Secure RegistrationNPR 100
3.8E-Commerce 3D Secure Annual Fee ( 3D Secure Service)NPR 100
3.9E-Commerce 3D Secure Transaction Fee ( 3D Secure Service)0.5% per transaction Or Min NPR 50/-
3.10Negative listing feeNPR 300 per card
3.11Cash advance fee with our Card
(On Us transaction)
NPR 100+2% of withdrawn amount
3.12Cash advance fee with other bank’s Card
(Them on Us transaction)
NPR 150 + 2% of withdrawn amount
3.13Interest2.25 % per month
3.14Late payment feeNPR 300 or 0.2 % per month whichever is higher
3.15Over Limit feeNPR 500 per month
3.16PIN Re-generation FeeNPR 150

4.1 USD Card –Travel Card

4.1.1Issuance of USD Prepaid Travel Card against Nepali RupeeNPR 750.00
4.1.2Issuance of USD Prepaid Travel Card against FCY accountUSD 5.00
4.1.3USD Card replacement/Renewal FeeNPR 750.00
4.1.4Reload/Top Up FeeNPR 250.00
4.1.5Transaction Fee
Cash Withdrawal-(Some banks may charge ATM Access Fees differently for VISA cards used on their ATM)USD 4 plus other bank’s charges
Balance InquiryUSD 1.00
4.1.6Re-PIN generationNPR 250.00

4.2 USD Card – E-Commerce

4.2.1USD Prepaid Card (For Online Use Only)Issuance – NPR 700 (including 1st Top-Up)
Load/Top-up – NPR 300 per Top-up
4.2.2E-commerce Transaction Fee1% of Transaction amount
5.1Subscription of Internet Banking(iBank)NPR 599 per annum for legal person
NPR 249.00 per annum for natural person
5.2Fund Transfer within Laxmi Bank accountsNil
Transfer of Funds in other banks accounts
(Inter Bank Fund Transfer)
NPR 10.00 Flat
5.3Credit Card Payment through NCHL
Connect IPS
Upto NPR 500: NPR 2/-
Above NPR 500 to NPR 5K: NPR 5/-
Above NPR 5K to NPR 50K: NPR 10/-
Above 50K: NPR 15/-
5.4CorporatePay ServiceEnrollment Fee NPR 1,000/-
Renewal NPR 1,000/- p.a.
Transaction Fee as per NCHL
IPS/Connect IPS slab.
6.1Email Alerts joining fee
  • NPR 400.00 per annum for non individual
  • NPR 100.00 per annum for individual
  • Annual fee of NPR 100.00 per annum for subsequent year for both individual and non individual
  • Nil for USD Travel Card.
7.1Mobile Money subscription feeIndividuals – NPR 199 per annum
Corporate – NPR 599 per annum
7.2Annual renewal feeNPR 199.00
7.3Subscription modification fee(Change in mobile number/mobile set)NPR 99.00
7.4Green PackageNP 299.00 p.a.
  • Mobile Money
  • I-Banking
  • Mero Share
  • DEMAT Account
  • Viber Banking
  • Email Solutions
7.5Fund transfer within Laxmi Bank accountsNil
Transfer of funds in other banks accounts (Interbank Fund Transfer through Mobile Money)NPR 10.00 Flat

Pay bills

  • Mobile phone
  • Landline
  • ADSL internet
  • Credit Card
  • QR Merchant
7.7Smart Foneloan
  • Loan Admin Fee- NPR 500
  • Interest Rate -18% p.a
  • Late Payment Fee- NPR 300
8.1Europe and USANPR 3,000.00
8.2Other CountriesNPR 2,500.00
8.3IndiaNPR 600.00
8.4NepalNPR 250.00
9.1Management of Government Bonds (subject to change in line with revisions by Central Bank)
  • Upto NPR 100K – 0.5%
  • Above NPR 100K to NPR 500K – 0.4%
  • Above NPR 500K to NPR 1 mio – 0.3%
  • Above NPR 1 mio to NPR 5 mio – 0.2%
  • Above NPR 5 mio – 0.1%
S.N.Locker TypeLocker Size (H” X W” X D”)DepositAnnual Rent
10.1S.D.L. Type 1A – AA4.92 X 6.89 X 19.37NPR 10,000NPR 3,000
10.2S.D.L. Type 2B – BB6.26 X 8.27 X 19.37NPR 10,000NPR 3,500
10.3S.D.L. Type L2/10-4D1L215.16 X 20.87 X 19.37NPR 10,000NPR 9,000
10.4S.D.L. Type 2 – BB6.26 X 8.27 X 19.37NPR 10,000NPR 3,500
10.5S.D.L. Type 2 – 2BE6.26 X 16.69 X 19.37NPR 10,000NPR 5,000
10.6S.D.L. Type 2 – 4BH12.63 X 16.69 X 19.37NPR 10,000NPR 7,500
10.7S.D.L. Type 2 – 2B1H112.64 X 8.27 X 19.37NPR 10,000NPR 6,500
10.8S.D.L. Type 1F/21 – 4AF10.94 X 13.86 X 19.37NPR 10,000NPR 6,500
10.9S.D.L. Type 3D/40 – DD7.44 X 10.35 X 19.37NPR 10,000NPR 5,500
10.10Locker Surrender FeeNPR 1,500
10.11Duplicate locker keyAs per actual.

11.1 Letter of Credit – Import

11.1.1Issuance of Letter of Credit (Irrevocable/revocable/back to back/transferable)0.15% per quarter or part credit thereof, min NPR 3,000/- (for industries) 0.25% per quarter or part credit thereof, min NPR 3000/- (for trading companies)
11.1.2Revolving -in the terms of value
11.1.3Revolving- in terms of validity
0.25% per quarter or part credit thereof, min NPR 3,000.00 drawing up to face value will be free of charges, thereafter 0.15% will be levied on each reinstatement of value/validity.
11.1.4Cancellations of L/CNPR 2,000.00
11.1.5Communication(L/C Issuance)NPR 2,500.00
Amendment0.15% per quarter or part thereof, min. NPR 3,000 (for industries)
For time extension of extension of expiry and / or increase in value(for trading companies)
Time extension within the same quarterNPR 2,000.00
Amendment other than time extension and increase in value.NPR 2,000.00
11.1.7BCI report sharing chargeMinimum NPR 1,000.00

11.2 Letter of Credit – Export

  • Advising L/C
  • Advising L/C amendment
  • NPR 3,000.00
  • NPR 2,500.00
Note: The fee may be refunded to customer if bill is negotiated or sent on collection basis through us.
11.2.2Confirmation Adding (Subject to prior arrangement)As agreed with the customer.
Transfer of Credit
For a simple transfer of whole documentary creditNPR 3,500.00
For Partial transfer0.125% of transferred value or minimum NPR 2,000.00

11.3 Bills – Import

11.3.1Import Bill under L/C (Up to 15 days)15% p.a. (365 days basis)
11.3.2Import Bill PaymentNPR 2,000.00
11.3.3Direct Reimbursement15% p.a. (365 days basis) if booked under import bill or as agreed with the customer for import loan facility.
11.3.4Collection Bill received ( Import bills without L/C)0.25% on bill value or minimum NPR 2500.00
11.3.5Collection Bill received – DAA0.5% or minimum NPR 2500.00 per quarter
11.3.6Acceptance (usance L/C ) Commission0.15% per month or minimum NPR 2500.00
11.3.7Communication ChargeNPR 1,500.00
11.3.8Issuance of multiple Bi.Bi.Ni under single documentNPR 1,000 per Bi.Bi.Ni.Form
11.3.9Request to return import document (both under LC or Collection)NPR 2,000
11.3.10Endorsement of copy documents and issuance of Delivery Order (DO)NPR 1,000 per DO
11.3.11Discrepancy Fee
  • USD 75.00 for L/C issued in USD
  • EUR 75.00 for L/C issued in EUR
  • GBP 75.00 for L/C issued in GBP
  • JPY 7,000.00 for L/C issued in JPY
  • INR 3,000.00 for L/C issued in INR
  • NPR 3,000.00 for L/C issued in NPR
  • Equivalent USD 50.00 for L/C for all other currency

11.4 Bills – Export

11.4.1Collection Bill sent0.125% on bill value of minimum NPR 2,500.00
  • Export Bill Purchased – Sight ( covering 15 days) Clean
  • Discrepant
  • 0.5% on bill value or minimum NPR 2500.00
  • 0.75% on bill value or minimum NPR 3500.00
  • Export Bill – Usance Clean
  • Discrepant
  • 0.5%. Beyond 15 days 15% p.a. up to 6% premium
11.4.4Cash Against Document (CAD) – NRB circular no Ipra. Paripatra No.259NPR 1,000.00 per CAD
11.4.5Communication fee ( follow-up)NPR 2,000.00
11.4.6Export Cash Incentive processing fee0.5% on the incentive amount or minimum NPR 5,000
11.4.7Issuance of Letter to custom office against export L/CNPR 1,000.00
11.4.8Issuance of amendment letter to custom office against amendment of export L/CNPR 500.00

11.5 Letter of Guarantee

11.5.1Issuance Fee Bid Bond0.375% per quarter & part thereof or minimum NPR 2,500.00
11.5.2Issuance Fee – Performance bond0.4% per quarter & part thereof or minimum NPR 2,500.00
11.5.3Financial and Advance Payment Guarantee0.70% per quarter & part thereof or minimum NPR 2,500.00
11.5.4Amendment Increase in value & Time extensionSame as issuance charge
11.5.5Other amendment i.e. extension within same quarter or clauses of guarantee text.NPR 2,500.00
11.5.6Issuance of counter guarantee to other bankOur charge plus correspondent bank’s charge and SWIFT charge of NPR 2,500.00.
11.5.7Amendment of Counter Guarantee within the quarter for extension, guarantee text/clause change
  • USD 150.00 for GTEE in USD
  • EUR 100.00 for GTEE in EUR
  • GBP 100.00 for GTEE in GBP
  • INR 3000.00 for GTEE in INR
11.5.8Handling of Guarantee claimNPR 1,000 per claim
11.5.9Guarantee cancellation before expiray of guaranteeNPR 500
12.1Credit Check FeeNPR 550.00 with customer’s details
NPR 250.00 without details to be obtained
upfront and refund access amount to ac if any.
(Actual as per CIB charges)
12.2Issuance of Letter of Credit LineUp to NPR 50M – NPR 250.00
More than NPR 50M to NPR 100M –NPR 500.00
More than NPR 100M – NPR 1,000.00
12.3Loan Against FD/NSB
  • Against NSB – 0.25%
  • Against FD – Nil
  1. Charge on partial release of securities
  2. Zonal registration transfer/request for new blue book
  3. Partial release of share of Share Loan / Margin Loan
  1. NPR 1000.00
  2. NPR 1000.00
  3. NPR 100.00 per scrip, not exceeding NPR 1,000.00

Applicable Loan Related Charges

S.N.DescriptionCorporate / Infrastructure & ProjectsBusiness DevelopmentMid-marketRFS
12.5Loan Administration Fee

Working Capital Loans

  • Overdraft: 0.25%
  • Demand Loan: 0.25%

Working Capital Loans

  • Overdraft: 0.50%
  • Demand Loan: 0.50%
  • Supply Finance : 0.75%
  • Sana Byawasai Karja :1%
  • Constructions Business Maximum : 0.50%

Working Capital Loans

  • Overdraft: 0.50%
  • Demand Loan: 0.50%
  • Supply Finance: 0.75%

Sana Byawasai Karja

  • Working Capital Loans: 0.75%
  • Term Loans: 0.75%
  • One Off Enhancement (Funded): 0.75%
  • Supply Finance: 0.75%
  • Trust Receipt Loan: 0.75%
  • Demand loan against local LC: 0.75%

Trade Finance

  • Trust Receipt /Import Loan 0.25%
  • Demand Loan against Local LC: 0.25%
  • Export Loan: 0.25%
  • Domestic bills LCY: 0.25%
  • Export Bill: 0.25%

Trade Finance

  • Trust Receipt /Import Loan 0.50%
  • Trust Receipt FCY- 0.10% on disbursed amount.
  • Demand Loan against Local LC: 0.50%
  • Export Loan: 0.50%
  • Domestic bills LCY: 0.50%
  • Export Bill: 0.50%

Trade Finance

  • Trust Receipt /Import Loan 0.50%
  • Demand Loan against Local LC: 0.50%
  • Export Loan: 0.75%
  • Domestic bills LCY: 0.75%
  • Export Bill: 0.75%

Trade Finance

  • Export Loan: 0.75%
  • Domestic bills LCY: 0.75%
  • Export Bill: 0.75%

Terms Loans

  • Term Loan: 0.50%

Terms Loans

  • Term Loan: 0.75%

Terms Loans

  • Term Loan: 0.75%

Terms Loans

  • Commercial Vehicle Loans: 0.75%
  • Laghu Udhyami Karja: 0.75%
Non-Funded: 0.25%Non-Funded: 0.25%Non-Funded: 0.25%

Consumption Loans

  • Auto Loan: 0.75%
  • Home Loan: 0.75%
  • Home Equity: Loan: 0.75%
  • Personal Loan: 0.75%
  • 2 Wheeler Loan: 0.75%
  • Educational Loan: 0.75%
  • Loan Against Gold: 0.75%
  • Lifestyle Loans: 0.25%
  • Life Insurance Linked Loans: 0.25%

Deprived Sector &Micro Loans

  • Wholesale Loan: 0.25%
  • Low Cost Housing: 0.25%
  • Live Stock Loan: 0.75%
  • Tractor/eRickshaw Loan: 0.75%
  • Other MSME Loan: 0.75%
  • Laghu Karja: 0.75%
  • Krishi Karja: 0.75%
   Non-Funded: 0.25%

Lending to Microfinance Institutions

  • Overdraft: 0.50%
  • Demand Loan: 0.50%
  • Term Loan: 0.50%

Other Loans

  • Loan Against Shares: 0.75%
12.6Loan Renewal FeeNPR 25K – 0.15% of Loan Amount0.15% of Loan Amount
12.7Prepayment / Swap Fee
(Applicable for loan amount exceeding NPR 5,000K only)

Loan Prepayment Fee

    • – Prepayment within 2 Years of disbursal: 0.75% of the amount being prepaid
    • – Prepayment after 2 Years but within 5 Years of disbursal: 0.375% of the amount being prepaid
    • – Prepayment after 5 Years of disbursal: 0.15% of the amount being prepaid

Loan Swap Fee

  • – Swap within 2 Years of disbursal: 0.75% of the amount being swapped
  • – Swap after 2 Years but within 5 Years of disbursal: 0.375% of the amount being swapped
  • – Swap after 5 Years of disbursal: 0.15% of the amount being swapped

For amortizing loans with Fixed Interest Rate, Prepayment/Swap Fee of 0.75% shall be applicable throughout the tenure of the loan

12.8Commitment FeeRevolving Limit: 0.15% per annum on unutilized revolving limit (if average annual loan outstanding is less than 60% of approved limit, commitment fee shall be recovered for the deficit % i.e. if utilization is 50% commitment fee shall be charged on 10 %).
Amortizing Limit: One-time fee of 0.15% of undrawn portion of the approved amortized loan
13.1Documents retrieved within 1 yearNPR 500.00
13.2Documents retrieved after 1 yearNPR 1,000.00
14.1Information Processing Fees under the Right to Information (RTI) ActNil – NPR 1000.00 per information
(Depending on the Complexity of Sourced Information)
14.2Credit Information Fee (Within Local FIs)NPR 1,000.00 per information

15. General Terms and Conditions

  • The fees as per latest NRB Directive shall prevail all the time.
  • By using or subscribing services the customer also allows the bank to debit applicable charges and
    commission from the customer’s account.
  • Charges/commissions are subject to change upon bank’s discretion and may not be notified to customers in all
  • Waivers or discounts on the commission/ charges if applicable will be agreed between the bank and the
    customer before using the service.
  • The charges/commission depending on the pricing structure may be one time or recurring.
  • If charges/commissions are missed for whatsoever reason, the customer allows the bank to process the
    charges in bulk.
  • For cancellation, the customer has to follow the process as ratified by the bank. Irrespective of whether the
    service is used or not as long as the customer still holds a subscription the bank may charge the customer.
  • If you have any doubts or confusion regarding the charges, customers are requested to contact our nearest
  • On charge related to service from third party shall be amended as advised by respective party.