Now you can get an even better return on your savings. Lock-in a competitive interest rate with our Term Deposits and watch your savings grow.

Regular Term Deposit

Our Term Deposit lets you invest your money with the certainty of a fixed interest rate and a choice of terms. Anyone looking for a low- risk investment with a predefined investment goal, our fixed rate deposit will guarantee a higher return on your money when compared to your traditional savings or transaction account.
  • No set-up, monthly service or management fees
  • Minimum Deposit Amount NPR 100,000
  • Additional Premium on rates for amount above NPR 500,000
  • Choose your fixed term from 3 months to 5 years
  • Interest payable at maturity, quarterly or monthly, depending on term
  • Loan against your Term Deposit available up to 90%
  • Our Term Deposits are covered under the deposit guarantee system from DCGC (capped at NPR 200,000 per natural individual depositors)
Interest Rate and available terms

Recurring Deposit

Total Deposit
Rs. 0
Rs. 0
Maturity Amount
Rs. 0
Lakshit Muddati/Recurring Deposit (RD) is an investment tool which permits those with an ability to make regular deposits earn decent returns on their investment. Savings account holders can choose a fixed monthly amount to save and earn higher returns on their investment that will be competitive with that of a regular fixed deposit.
  • Monthly Investment Amount can be started from minimum NPR 500.00
  • Term Available: Each scheme can be for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years or 5 years
  • Interest Payment Options
    • At Maturity
    • Quarterly deposited to the linked savings account
  • Account holders can choose their own debit date
  • System will automatically debit the chosen amount on your chosen date
  • RD account holders will be able to open DMAT account with Laxmi Capital for free
  • Interest calculations will be on a daily basis
  • Loan up to 90% available against your Recurring Deposit balance
  • No fees or charges will be applicable on missed installments or premature withdrawal
Interest Rate and available terms