Dollar Prepaid Card


OrangE-Card is our Dollar Prepaid card that enables our customers to make foreign currency payments for online purchase of an array of international goods and services. With this dollar prepaid card, you can now avail a wide range of international services like Streaming platforms, web/server hosting, security certificates, and online courses along with business promotions for your social media channels or online advertisements. In addition, the card also enables you to shop online from your favorite international shopping sites.


  • US $500 per annum.
  • If cardholder / applicant is found to have generated foreign currency income, additional amount not exceeding US $5000 can be loaded into the card.
  • Only one card can be issued to an entity
  • Applicable for online transactions and not POS or ATM transactions.
  • Purchase of goods and services allowed by Nepali law.

Required Documents

Applicants need to hold NPR accounts to be eligible for this service. In addition, the following documents are mandatory:
  • KYC (if not submitted previously)
  • PAN number
  • A declaration stating, he/she has not availed the facility from any other banks
Costs related to issuance and maintenance charges are as per the Schedule of Service Charges.

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