Base Rate for Ashad 2079: 9.99%
LCY Interest Rate Spread Ashad 2079: 3.94%

Rate of Interest

(With effect from 17th July, 2022)

Deposits (NPR) % per annum
General Savings
Premium Savings
Samman Bachat6.03%
Sunaulo Bachat6.03%
Dhana Laxmi Bachat6.03%
Super Woman Savings6.03%
Orange Savings6.03%
Payroll Savings
Shubha Laxmi Savings6.53%
Shakti Bachat6.53%
Orange Savings Plus7.03%
Shubhashree Laxmi Bachat7.03%
Green Savings8.03%
Remittance Savings
Shree Laxmi Savings9.03%
Interest on all savings accounts will be accrued daily and paid on a quarterly basis.
Deposits (USD) % per annum
USD Savings3.00%
Deposits % per annum
Call DepositsNegotiable, up to 3.015% p.a. (or as agreed under a separate fixed period contract)
Term DepositsInstitutionsPersonal
3 months - below 6 months10.03%11.03%
6 months and above10.03%11.03%
Renewals (Bids) 10.13%-
Recurring Deposits -11.03%
NRN Deposit (FCY) % per annum
NRN Term Deposit*
US Dollar (USD)5.00 %
Pound Sterling (GBP)3.00 %
Euro (EUR)1.00 %
Australian Dollar (AUD)3.00%
NRN Savings
NRN Savings (USD) 4.00%
Minimum Amount USD 5,000 (or equivalent) and higher
*Term available: 1 - 3 years

Loans and Advances

Base Rate for the Quarter ending Ashad 2079: 9.85%
Overdraft/Cash Credit % per annum
CorporateBase Rate + up to 6
SMEs/OthersBase Rate + up to 6
Working Capital/
Short Term Loans
% per annum
CorporateBase Rate + up to 5
SMEs/OthersBase Rate + up to 5
Supply FinanceBase Rate + up to 5
Export LoansBase Rate + up to 5
Term Loans - CorporateBase Rate + up to 5
Term Loans - SMEBase Rate + up to 5
Importer's Loans % per annum
TradingBase Rate + up to 6
OthersBase Rate + up to 5
Other Loans % per annum
Auto LoansBase Rate + up to 6
Education LoansBase Rate + up to 5
Home LoansBase Rate + up to 5
Home Equity LoansBase Rate + up to 5
Home Equity Revolving Line of CreditBase Rate + up to 6
Personal LoansBase Rate + up to 6
Sana Byawasai KarjaBase Rate + up to 5
Loans Against Gold Base Rate + up to 5
Loans Against Fixed DepositsHigher of FD + 1 or Base Rate + up to 5
Loans Against First Class Bank GuaranteeBase Rate + up to 5
Loans Against Marketable Securities incl. Govt. BondsBase Rate + up to 6
Microfinance LoansBase Rate + up to 5

Loans and Advances(NPR) - Fixed Rates %p.a.

Tenure(Years)Home Loans(%)Home Equity /
Education Loans(%)
Auto Loans(%)Lifestyle /
Personal Loans(%)
Term Loans(%)
Up to 1 year10.99-11.9910.99-11.9910.99-11.9911.99-12.9910.99-11.99
Above 1 - 2 years--11.99-12.9912.99-13.4911.99-12.49
Above 2 - 3 years11.99-12.9911.99-12.9912.99-13.4913.49-13.9912.49-12.99
Above 3 - 5 years12.99-13.4912.99-13.4913.49-13.9913.99-14.9912.99-13.49
Above 5 - 10 years13.49-13.9913.49-13.9913.99-14.99-13.49-13.99
Above 10 - 15 years13.99-14.9913.99-14.99--13.99-14.99


*Interest on Savings and Call accounts will be paid quarterly, calculated in a daily basis.
*Rates on Call accounts are negotiable and subject to change based on market conditions. Please contact any of our branches for details.

*Additional 1% interest rate will be applicable for Term Deposits opened from Shree Laxmi Saving Account
*Fund Transfers while opening NRN Term Deposits or withdrawing from them must be done through a banking channel.
*Base Rate for Ashad 2079 is 9.99%. LCY spread for Ashad 2079: 3.94%.