Business Continuity Loans are specialized loans tailored to assist customers categorized as Cottage, Small & Medium Enterprises (as defined in Industrial Enterprise Act) and customers under Tourism Industry affected by Covid-19 in continuing their business expenses.

Special Features

Maximum loan tenure of 2 years which can be further extended by another 2 years by assessing proper use and need of the loan.

Fixed interest rate of 5% p.a. for 1st year and 6% p.a. for 2nd year.

Once Loan is applied for, the approval of loan is done within 15 working days.

No fees and commission (other than CIB & STR fees) applicable for this loan.

Financing Terms and Conditions

NPR 100 Mio

Max loan Amount

Permissible Loan Amount

Lower of:
• 150% of Annual Salary Expenses
• Sum of Annual Salary Expenses and Business Continuing Expense

Loan Amount shall be calculated on the basis of salary of last three months and estimated expenses for continuing the business. Expenses must not include bonus, incentive, leave allowance or interest expenses of other loans.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be registered in any government body holding renewed registration certificate.
  • Must have appointed at least 5 employees (permanent / temporary / outsourced)
  • Salary from Shrawan 2076 to Falgun 2076 should have been paid regularly via Bank a/c after deducting applicable taxes.
  • Must not have availed any kind of subsidized loans
  • Cannot lay off its employees until the tenure of the loan

Required Documents

  • Loan request letter
  • Declaration that the customer has not obtained such loans from other Bank & Financial Institutions.
  • Audited balance of last financial year that matches with details submitted to Inland Revenue Department.
  • Tax clearance certificate of latest financial year

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