Norvic Privilege Debit Card is our co-branded EMV chip secured VISA Debit Card launched in partnership with Norvic International Hospital. The main aim is to provide mutual benefit to the customers of the two institutions.

This card entitles the cardholder additional discounts on various services offered by Norvic International Hospital for one year from the date of the issuance of the card, along with all the features and offers of our standard debit card.

The card is available to all interested, new and existing savings account holders of the bank. New customers can request for Norvic Privilege Debit Card at the time of opening a savings account at any of our branches as their choice of debit card.

The card has been included with our e-Banking Package @ just NPR 250 p.a. that includes all modern e-banking facilities such as internet banking (iBank), mobile banking (Mobile Money), Viber banking, SMS and email alert services, etc.

Existing account holders can swap their existing debit card without any additional cost but will be required to maintain the minimum balance requirement of NPR 5,000.

This card is non-transferable and the discount offer from Norvic International Hospital will be applicable to the cardholder only. Customers will need to present their card at the hospital counter to get the discount but will also have the option to pay cash.

Norvic International Hospital is offering cardholders discount as below on services they offer:

Services % Discount Rate*
Health Packages 5%
Radiology 10%
Pathology 10%
Surgery/ Procedures 10%
Non-Invasive Cardiology Examination 10%
CT Scan/ MRI/Mammogram 10%
Bed Charges 5%
Discount rate is subject to change as per the discretion of the management of Norvic Hospital.